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What can I Bring

What can I bring on board?

We want everyone’s ride to be as safe and comfortable as possible. Here’s what you can and can’t bring on board Friendly Rider buses.


Wheeled carts/totes

Two-wheel shopping carts are allowed on board, but must be within these maximum dimensions: 18-by-18 inches and 30 inches high (excluding wheels and handles).



We recommend using a folding “umbrella” style stroller. Large and double-wide strollers are not practical for use on Friendly Rider. Strollers must be folded on a bus and must not block the aisle, stairs or doorway.



You are welcome to bring bags and packages with you, but make sure they don't block the aisle, stairs or doorway.


Mobility devices

The power lifts on buses can hold wheelchairs and scooters up to 30 inches wide and 48 inches long, weighing up to 600 pounds when occupied.



Only single-seat two-wheeled bikes, folding bikes, and recumbents the size of a standard bike are allowed. Fat Wheel Tire bikes will not fit on the front bike racks.



Eating is not allowed on Friendly Rider, but you can bring food and drinks on board in closed containers.



Unless it’s a service animal, your pet must be kept in a carrier.