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Fare guide


We have several easy ways to pay for your bus trip on Friendly Rider.



Friendly Rider has three (3) different cash fares for each one way trip.

$1.50 for 0-5 miles

$3.00 for 6-10 miles

$4.50 for 10+ miles



Tickets can be purchased and used just like cash.

$15.00 Book of 12 tickets (gives you a $0.25 saving over cash)

1 Ticket for 0-5 miles (one-way)

2 Tickets for 6-10 miles (one-way)

3 Tickets for 10+ miles (one-way)



We offer UNLIMITED 1 month passes.  You can use it as many times a day as you wish.

$35.00 for 0-5 miles

$70.00 for 6-10 miles